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JurassiCal™ FAQ

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Q: Please, can you tell me the source your JurassiCal supplement is derived from? Is it oyster shells?

A: the source is limestone (naturally mined).

Q: Yesterday I purchased your Jurassi-Cal liquid Calcium Supplement for Reptiles/Amphibs. But, I am very uncertain how many squirts and how often to add to her food sticks. Unfortunately, weighing something as small as a gram on my scales here is next to impossible.

A: As for the amount of calcium needed in your turtle's diet, that is dependent on the amount of phosphorus that is present in the food items you offer. Ideally, you want to achieve a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1 up to 8:1. Also, offering JurassiCal Liquid on your turtle's food items in water, some of the calcium will be lost in solution (the water that your turtle lives in). Crickets, most vegetables, and the vast majority of commercially available reptile diets are very rich in phosphorus and deficient in calcium simply not meeting the needs of your animal. You will definitely need a calcium supplement to make up the difference. Keep in mind that 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of this liquid will offer 800 mg of calcium.

Q: JurassiCal™ is promoted as not having any phosphorus added to it, whereas other products are a 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio. Won't those help me maintain the proper ratios better?

A: No, because herbivorous and carnivorous diets are frequently calcium deficient and phosphorus rich. If you add a calcium supplement that has phosphorus in it to a phosphorus rich food source, like crickets, for instance, you raise calcium, but raise phosphorus at the same time. Thus, you have barely improved the ratio at all.