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JurassiDiet™ Hermit Crab Food FAQ

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Q: I am writing you today about your Hermit Crab Diet and its ingredients. Within the last year there has been a move away from foods which contain Ethoxyquin (preservative and antioxidant) in hermit crab foods and I noticed that on some labels EQ is present and others it isn't.
Do the recent batches of JurassiPet Hermit Crab diet contain EQ or have you removed it from the ingredients and replaced with another antioxidant?

Hermit CrabA: Based on all of the current findings and opinion of the FDA ethoxyguin is still safe and approved for use in this application (i.e. pet food for the purposes of preventing vitamin oxidation). We are not aware of any request by the FDA to pet food manufacturers to reduce amounts of ethoxyquin nor did we find any such request/info on the FDA website. To our knowledge there is no solid, peer reviewed scientific data or literature to support the current claims of toxicity. If the alternatives to ethoxyguin were equally effective we would just go ahead and change to err on the side of the caution. Unfortunately, the alternatives are not as effective at preventing oxidation. So, we must weigh the real, known negatives of using other preservatives (shorter shelf life and usage life) with the suspected, but still unconfirmed potential risks of ethoxyquin. So until we have more definitive data the best choice is still ethoxyquin.

Now having said that, we do not directly put ethoxyquin in this food. However, all fish meal (an ingredient in this food) contains ethoxyquin to stop it from spoiling. So basically most/all fish foods and pet foods that have fish meal inadvertently contain this preservative. It is added to prevent the fish meal from spoiling effectively hindering the oxidation process. As the fish meal wants to oxidize, the ethoxyquin actually takes the brunt of it saving the fish meal from spoiling. As the ethoxyquin takes the brunt of the oxidation process it also slowly degrades. By the time this food reaches your animals, the small amount of ethoxyquin (as a result of the fish meal) is even less significant due to it's degrading over time.

Q: Could you please tell me how much of the preservative Ethoxyquin is in your 2.1oz containers of Hermit Crab Food?

A: The amount of this preservative is negligible (no more than 1%). There is only enough to ensure the food does not mold or go bad.