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JurassiDiet™ Reptile Food FAQ

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ChameleonQ: Can our reptile food be used on any reptile with similar diets? I have a bearded dragon and a pair of mali uromastyx all together in the same cage. Would mu uromastyx get sick if it eats the same food as my beardy?

A: The diet of both types of lizards you keep are similar in the respect that they are both omnivorous. Our JurassiDiet reptile food is ideal for omnivours and carnivours and contain the highest quality ingredients with no low nutritional value fillers like corn and our protein source is not soy. So, it would be safe to feed the same foo to both your bearded dragon and uromastyx.

Q: I'm wondering if your Reptile Food would work for my Collared Lizard. He normally eats live crickets but the vet said live food isn't the best. I got him to eat a dead cricket once, but I don't want to make a purchase and have him not eat.

A: It is possible that this type of lizard can eat dry food, but this lizard (like most lizards) are cued by seeing something move. There are other types of live food than just crickets. For example, you can buy different types of meal worms. Regardless of the insect you decide to feed, I recommend you dust them with either our JurassiCal™ (calcium supplement) or spray them with our JurassiCal Liquid (calcium supplement). I also recommend you use our JurassiVite™ (vitamin supplement). Remember, your prey items need to be "loaded" with a nutritive value before you feed them to your lizard. Using the above supplements in conjunction with our JurassiDiet™ Gut Load (high quality feeder insect food) and JurassiQuench™ (hydration source for feeder insects) will give your lizard ideal nutrition.

Q: Recently i have tried to give my lizard "JurassiDiet reptile food". This is the first time that he eats this kind of food and as of now does not want to try it. Is there any way to make him take it more readily?

A: Actually it can take a little time to "wean" them on to a new food (same as other animals). You can start by mixing a small amount of JurassiDiet with it's existing food. Gradually increase the amount of JurassiDiet given and decrease the amount of other food. We also have JurassiFruit™ and JurassiGuard™ sprays to increase the appetites of finicky eaters.