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JurassiQuench™ FAQ

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TurtleQ: I use your JurassiQuench as a water suppliment for my feeder crickets. I also have as "pets" african giant millipedes, hissing cockroaches, and a tarantula. would your product be safe enough to use for a long term keeper insect?

A: You can actually use the JurassiQuench for a water source for any animal who is a "sponge" drinker, taranatulas, etc.

Q: We bought the JurassiQuench™. Do we still feed our crickets food or is this product food and water.

A: This product is only a hydration source and not a food. There are some "food and water all in one" products on the market but unfortunately they only contain about 3% protein and readily become dehydrated. Our JurassiDiet Gutload contains 50% protein and is an excellent food source.